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Maybe you never thought you’d be going through this, but let me assure you: I can help you work through what’s happening. Every marriage goes through periods of struggle. The question isn’t if you’ll struggle in your marriage, the question is how you will go through the struggle. I want to help you not only get through what you’re going through, but actually GROW through and become stronger in response to what you’re going through. I can show you how.

Change is possible

Whether you need help with resolving some conflict or recovering from infidelity, I want to walk you through healing and change. Together, we’ll look to God’s Word to help you understand God’s blueprint for marriage in every area, including communication, conflict resolution, roles, forgiveness, expectations, and even sex!

There is HOPE!

Regardless of where you are, what you’ve been through, or what your beliefs about marriage are, there is HOPE!

Tiara Lipps

Tiara Lipps


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About Tiara Lipps

“My goal at Marriage Revolution is to help couples, at any stage and in any condition, experience the transforming power that is available in Christ today.”

Tiara Lipps
I have been a Christian all of my life. I was raised Roman Catholic and attended Roman Catholic schools almost exclusively. At age 17, with my parent’s blessing, I joined a local Protestant church, and I have attended Protestant churches since then. 

As a young adult, I married a decent man, but we could not figure out how to become one. After several years, our marriage unraveled, and, without seeking any help, we chose what seemed to be the only option: divorce. I left with regrets, disappointments and battle scars. It took years, but eventually I learned that there is another option available, even for the worst marriages. 

After my divorce, I put all of my energy into my career. For 10 years, I had a prestigious career as a corporate attorney. I had great co-workers and seemingly everything going for me, but I still felt like something was missing. I was unfulfilled, lost and sad, and I spent years analyzing every part of my life, trying to find an answer. 

Eventually, I learned to rest in, and indulge in, the love of God for me and His grace, and, in that place, my life began to change.  Through his love and grace, I learned His heart for me and His heart for marriages. I learned that He offers a better option for brokenness, even broken marriages, that is healing and wholeness. 

At a wedding more than 2,000 years ago, Jesus turned bland, mundane water into the best wine, turning a hopeless situation into a joyful celebration. Because I have seen it in my own life, I know that this power is still available today. My goal at Marriage Revolution is to help couples avoid my mistake and partake of the better option. I want to help couples, at any stage and in any condition, experience the transforming power that is available in Christ today. 

I am currently a student at Dallas Theological Seminary in the Master of Counseling degree program.




Whether you’re looking for a tune up or praying for a miracle, I can help. I can help with communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness, expectations, roles, anger, intimacy issues, and affair recovery.


The most important preparation you can make for your life together is internal. I want to help prepare your heart for your marriage and help you understand God’s purpose and plan for it.

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Are there a lack of Biblical counselors in your area? Online counseling is economical, convenient, and available in the comfort of your own home.


Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, or overall motivation / direction? I’d like to help you navigate this difficult season so you can fulfill God’s purposes for your life.

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