Preparation for The Transformation Marriage Workshop:

  • Bring your bibles (prefer ESV, NIV or NASB). This helps with group reading
  • Consider, be committed & be invested in attending the workshop together
  • Each person should create individual personal goals for the Marriage Workshop
  • Prepare to come up with a list of questions to ask your spouse related to what will be discussed during the workshop (see outline below)
  • Be prepared to listen & be open to new possibilities
  • Discuss shared goals for the workshop and what you are prepared to do to help attain those goals
  • If possible, clear your schedule during the weekend of the workshop (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Get ready to share more about you with your partner
  • Decide what you both are going to tell your friends/family after the workshop
  • Know that it’s okay to be nervous!
  • Prepare to: get to work this weekend, complete all assignments and pray before, during & after the workshop

Transformational Marriage Workshop General Outline

Assume God’s purpose and plan for me & my marriage with a refocus on what is actually involved.

Help me identify & eliminate unhealthy habits & thought patterns that are causing conflict & division.

How a confession, forgiveness, &repentance lifestyle lead to movement and change in me & my marriage.

How God can bring healing & comfort to my relationship.

Prepare me to reimagine & experience a better sexual relationship.