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You’re not alone

Maybe you never thought you’d be going through this, but let me assure you: I can help you work through what’s happening. Every marriage goes through periods of struggle. The question isn’t if you’ll struggle in your marriage, the question is how you will go through the struggle. I want to help you not only get through what you’re going through, but actually GROW through and become stronger in response to what you’re going through. I can show you how.

Change is possible

Whether you need help with resolving some conflict or recovering from infidelity, I want to walk you through healing and change. Together, we’ll look to God’s Word to help you understand God’s blueprint for marriage in every area, including communication, conflict resolution, roles, forgiveness, expectations, and even sex!

There is HOPE!

Regardless of where you are, what you’ve been through, or what your beliefs about marriage are, there is HOPE!

About emily Hazlewood

“I have a huge passion to help couples who struggle in their marriage…because I’ve been there!”

In the first few years of my marriage brokenness that I had struggled with for years came to the surface and I hit rock bottom with anxiety and depression. During that time, I was convinced that there was absolutely no way my marriage would last, and there was no way to fix how broken I was as an individual.

However, I learned that God meets us at rock bottom. He shows us that if we allow Him to guide our lives, and our relationships, that our brokenness can actually lead to the sweetest healing and deepest restoration that we never thought possible.

I have a huge passion to help couples who struggle in their marriage…because I’ve been there! Struggling by yourself is not what God has called for in your marriage.  God has placed your spouse in your life to walk through life’s hardships with you, even if the struggle is truly a specific struggle only for you.  If someone thinks they are not enough to fix their marriage, or whatever situation they find themselves in, it is because we were never intended to be enough. God is the only thing that is enough.

In addition to my time at Marriage Revolution, I am also currently a Director for the Care Center in Huntsville and have met with hundreds of women and families in crisis situations since 2015. I have received my biblical counseling training through the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF).

My husband Carl and I have been married for 12 years. We both attend Church Project North County where Carl serves as an Elder, and we have counseled many couples through premarital counseling.

I joined Marriage Revolution to share the transforming truth I have learned about God’s restoring and healing power in not only myself, but my marriage too, with those who do not see a way through their own struggle.

We are all broken people in need of an answer bigger than ourselves. But when we are in the depths of pain and anger, we do not see an answer or a way out. But, God does.

I’d love to show you the freeing Truth that He has for you.



Whether you’re looking for a tune up or praying for a miracle, I can help. I can help with communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness, expectations, roles, anger, intimacy issues, and affair recovery.


Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, or overall motivation / direction? I’d like to help you navigate this difficult season so you can fulfill God’s purposes for your life.


The most important preparation you can make for your life together is internal. I want to help prepare your heart for your marriage and help you understand God’s purpose and plan for it.

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