Marriage Revolution exists to provide help and hope to every marriage in any season without ever letting money stand in the way.

When I started to attend marriage counseling I was making $10.49 /hour.  My hour long sessions were $125/hour.  Something (or someone) had to give!  Fortunately, someone who cared about me and my marriage paid for Star and I to attend our sessions.  Sometimes 2 times a week!

Unfortunately, not everyone has someone like that.  I don’t believe money, or anything else, should stand in the way of a willing couple getting the help they need.

Your Dollars Empower Our Outreaches



The average cost for a couple to receive counseling is between $200 and $400 per month, and often the counseling process can last several months. Many couples simply can’t afford this added monthly expense. Your one time or monthly donation will help make it possible for EVERY couple to get the help they need.


We want to make decisions to accept invitations to speak based on impact, not based on profitablity. Some of the most impactful events we have done over the years have only been possible because of our donors generosity. Your one time or monthly donation will help make it possible for our events to make the biggest impact to the largest number of couples.


God’s blueprint for marriage needs to be in the hands of as many couples as possible. The most efficient way to accomplish this is through online resources. We’re not short on ideas, but we are on time and resources. Your one time or monthly donation will help make it possible for us to package and distribute our content in a way that is accessible to couples around the world.


Growing International Influence

What started out as a 1 person ministry has grown in to a nationally recognized ministry with international influence. God has allowed us to impact hundreds of thousands of couples around the world since 2010.

We currently have offices in Texas in The Woodlands, Conroe, and Dallas.

We Need Your Help

All of this is made possible through our generous financial support team and past clients “Paying it Forward” by making donations to this ministry. As a donation-based 501(c)(3) ministry, Marriage Revolution is dependent upon the financial help of people like you to meet the vast needs of married couples.

We want to personally ask you to make a 1 time donation to this ministry or join our monthly financial support team to help us continue to help even more couples around the world!

Thanks in advance!