Christian Marriage Counseling

Can Turn Your Love Around

When Marriage Is Hard, Life Gets Harder

A healthy marriage makes everything easier, but a struggling marriage makes everything more complicated. Marriage isn’t the end all-be all to have a happy life, but a good marriage helps life to be less stressful.

With all the unavoidable pressures of kids, finances, career goals, pursuing a healthy lifestyle, household responsibilities, and busy schedules, God desires your marriage to be a solid, secure, and supportive safe place to land with your soul-mate at the end of the day.

Bring Back That Lovin' Feeling


Stop fighting about nonsense, and learn to fully resolve things that really matter.

Bring Happy Back

Heal from lingering hurts that have robbed the happiness from your relationship.

Know and be Known

Connect with your spouse through clear and authentic communication.

Rekindle the Romance

Bring back the sizzle to your marriage (and learn to keep it there).

Rediscover Hope

Find hope regardless of what your relationship has been through.

We don't just care about your marriage.

We care about you.


Wall of Love

Marriage Made Simple

What's the problem?

Learn what’s wrong with your marriage (and everyone else’s) and how to make it work.

What's the point?

Understand what the real purpose of marriage is and how to pursue it with passion.


Master proven and practical tools that will turn your communication, conflicts, and connection around.

What does God have to do with it?

Learn what the creator and designer of marriage has to do with building a healthy and happy marriage.

What You Can Expect


We can only help you as well as we know you. We spend a good amount of time asking questions about you, your situation, and your history so we can be in the best possible position to give you wise counsel.


We know what you're going through is difficult, and we seek to care for you throughout the entire counseling relationship. We realize we're not just counseling your problems, we're caring for you as a person.


No marriage is beyond help because we serve an ALL powerful God. For this reason, we are always hopeful for what God can do in your relationship.

Biblical Help

We believe God's word is useful for everything you are going through. Therefore, all of our care and instruction will be rooted in the 66 books of the Bible.


We believe that God is the author of all life change and that He desires to use us as an instrument in that process. Since God is the source of change, we constantly seek His help in and out of session through praying for you and with you.

Counseling Services Available

a photo of a happy couple


Whether you’re looking for a tune up or praying for a miracle, we can help. We can help with communication, conflict resolution, forgiveness, expectations, roles, anger, intimacy issues, and affair recovery.


The most important preparation you can make for your life together is internal. We want to help prepare your heart for your marriage and help you understand God’s purpose and plan for it.


Are there a lack of Biblical counselors in your area? Online counseling is economical, convenient, and available in the comfort of your own home.


Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, anger, addiction, or overall motivation / direction? We’d like to help you navigate this difficult season so you can fulfill God’s purposes for your life.

There is Hope For Your Marriage!

Regardless of where you are, what you’ve been through, or what your thoughts about marriage are, THERE IS HOPE.

Most great marriages have been to marriage counseling. It really is one of the best things you can do for your marriage. Sometimes, just for a tune up, but in other times, crisis demands it.

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