What are the advantages of Online Counseling?


You merely log in to your video chat program and, Voila!, you’re there. 


Since there is no drive-time to the counselor’s office and back, time is saved, which can then be spent on other pursuits and activities. This adds greater flexibility to your schedule. Online counseling also saves money on gas and on the wear and tear of your vehicle. And let’s not forget the blessing of avoiding the built-in difficulties and troubles of the road. No traffic. No traffic fumes. No fender benders. No fighting to find a parking space. No battling inclement weather.


For many, going to a counselor’s office may be intimidating, even fearful. As a counselor, I know it is so important to establish a comfortable relationship with my client, one in which the client is free to unburden himself/herself as he/she learns to trust the counselor and the surroundings. Online Counseling allows you to stay “on your own turf,” whether that is at home, at the office, or even on the road. It is the place you choose, and this creates a sense of comfort and safety for the client. 

Online counseling is particularly advantageous to those people who have found a counselor they want to work with, but who is too far away to meet with face-to-face. Reasons for working with a certain counselor may stem from his/her association with trusted organizations, a particularly biblical approach, referral from a friend, or simply exposure to him/her. All of these create trust and hope, which boosts your comfort. 

If you have been putting off getting help because of any of these issues, online counseling might be a great option for you! 

Counselors only offer online counseling to individuals / couples that reside in the same state the counselor practices.