You’ve probably developed some different ways of living over the past several weeks.

Your relationships look different. Your schedule looks different. The way you spend your time is undoubtedly different. Some of the habits, or rhythms, you’ve developed are healthy. Some aren’t.

Have you even thought about it? According to Wendy Wood (author of, “Good Habits, Bad Habits), maybe not:

We spend a shocking 43 percent of our day doing things without thinking about them. That means that almost half of our actions aren’t conscious choices but the result of our non-conscious mind nudging our body to act along learned behaviors.

There is no doubt that some of the 43% of your non-conscious behavior has been influenced by this Pandemic. If you’re not careful, the influence of this season could lead you to lustful leisure or control / fear induced anxiety. Neither of these extremes are good for your marriage.

One of the ways to “vaccinate your marriage” against Corona and to resist the drift towards either of these extremes is to implement these 3 rhythms:

If you need some help setting up these rhythms or to talk through any of the anxiety you’re experiencing during this season, please reach out to one of our counselors to schedule an online counseling appointment.