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Everything Rises And Falls On Leadership

Since Marriage Revolution started in 2010, we have always surrounded ourselves with people gifted in areas we weren’t to help us reach more people than we could on our own.

Before the individuals listed below, John Breitenstein, Todd Nagel, Barry Williams, Matt Bowman, and Kyle Hutton served on our previous Board of Directors and have been instrumental in laying a solid foundation for this ministry.

I thank our previous and present Board of Directors for helping Marriage Revolution more effectively accomplish our mission to provide help and hope to couples without letting money stand in the way.


Ky Carlson

Ky Carlson earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2002, followed by a certification in clinical neurology and hundreds of hours in postgraduate functional medicine training over the next 15 years. He has used this training to create the Revitalize curriculum, a premium lifestyle education program, and multiple protocols taught in functional medicine circles among leading doctors and nutraceutical brands.

As an entrepreneur, Ky has successfully launched a multi-site clinical practice and multiple other ventures in the software and consumer goods industries, including a groundbreaking health LMS platform that serves hundreds of providers across the country. He currently serves as General Manager of the Professional division of Vibility, Inc, which is a technology company on a mission to help end chronic disease.

Ky has been married to his wife Lori since 2001, and they have three boys together. He has experienced firsthand the incredible benefits of biblical counseling and has a heart to see marriages restored through the unfailing principles of God’s word. Like many of us, it breaks his heart to see so many couples missing out on the joy of marriage because they haven’t ever had the chance to learn God’s blueprint for marriage. He firmly believes that regardless of what you’ve been through, there is HOPE for every marriage when you learn what God’s word says about topics like communication, conflict resolution, and forgiveness.

He has been a part of the Marriage Revolution board since 2013 and loves being a part of God’s work to transform marriages into his original design.

Keith Howe

Keith is a founding partner of Alitek Solutions, a company dedicated to helping large companies improve their operations and communication through better information for the past two decades.  Keith and his wife, Sheri, have been married for more than 40 years; they have three adult children who are now married and currently have four grandkids, with more expected.  
A Christ-centered marriage and family have always been essential and central to Keith & Sheri’s marriage.  They have taught multiple marriage and parenting courses over the years.  This passion and desire for God-centered marriages drew Keith to the board of Marriage Revolution.  He hopes that Marriage Revolution is part of a great turning of the focus of marriages and families back to what our society needs more of…Christ.  

Gerard Monsivaiz

For over 30 years, Gerard has enjoyed a career with ExxonMobil that has taken him around the world. The benefits of the corporate life pale in comparison to the 30-plus years of adventure and delight he’s had with his wife, Krisi, loving, learning from, and leading their five children, two bonus kids, and one granddaughter.

Gerard and Krisi have experienced and understand the invaluable impact biblical community and counseling can have on a marriage. For decades, they have led groups in their church and home, focusing on marriage and family. In recent years, they have helped lead marriage and family-focused workshops and conferences. They are currently House Church pastors and hosts for one of Church Project’s diverse House Church ministries.

Retirement is imminent for Gerard, as he plans to start the next chapter in his life within the year. He is looking forward to spending an increasing amount of time focused on the things that matter most. Consistent with that focus, serving on the Board of Marriage Revolution allows Gerard to partner with others living with an eternal outlook and a desire to see people in a devoted relationship with Jesus Christ.

George Booth

George has spent all of his adult life in the business world, including over 25 years in the domain of International Freight Forwarding and Logistics, where he held C-Suite positions in a +$600m global organization. In 2015 he joined Church Project as Executive Pastor of Development and left to re-enter the marketplace full-time in 2019. He remains an elder at Church Project. He is now the CEO and owner of SecureGlobal Logistics and President of Rulewave Global Logistics, leading a combined staff of around 150.

George was born in the North East of Scotland and grew up in a small fishing village (population 700) on the Moray Firth and moved with his family from the Aberdeen area to The Woodlands, TX, in 2010. George has been married to Gillian since 1996, and they have three children. When not dating the wife of his youth, you might find him socializing with friends, golfing, or bird hunting.

George and Gillian have been long-term supporters and advocates of Marriage Revolution, believing in the power and lasting impact of promises kept. They strongly believe in the ongoing need for biblical and practical counseling and resourcing in every season of marriage.

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