Strong Churches are made up of strong Marriages

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What you can expect from a Marriage Revolution Event


We believe our churches, communities, cities, states, and country will only be as strong as the homes of its people. We’d love to help you strengthen the marriages in your church so your people can be mobilized to make the most significant impact possible in your community…and even in our country and world. When you work with us, the couples in your church will be:
  • Encouraged through our personal story of redemption
  • Pointed to Christ through a Gospel centered view of marriage
  • Engaged equally through hearing from a husband / wife team
  • Given opportunities to put truth into practice through participating in engaging couple projects


The Marriage Revolution Conference is ideal if:

  • Your staff (including you) need to be poured in to
  • Your people need to hear from another trusted voice (besides you and your staff) on marriage
  • You need an event to serve as a catalyst for launching a new marriage initiative (marriage small group, marriage mentors, or an entire marriage ministry)
  • Its been a while since you’ve provided an in house marriage event

What others have said about our conference


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What the Marriage Revolution Conference will cover

  We have wrapped what we believe is some of the most practical, gospel centered marriage content rooted in scripture around our personal story of redemption and packaged it for a live, engaging conference / retreat for your church. Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Why a vertical relationship with Christ is the best thing you can do for your horizontal relationship with your spouse
  • The real problem that is destroying marriage
  • Why couples attempts at change typically don’t last
  • How couples misuse marriage
  • The real purpose of marriage
  • How understanding the REAL problem with Adam’s aloneness in marriage is crucial to marriage success
  • Understand why its impossible to love God and not love your spouse
  • The #1 way men miss their wives
  • Why meeting each others needs is not enough
  • Why focusing on rights will always lead to rebellion
  • How to work through conflict that leads to oneness as opposed to opposition
  • Why most expressions of confession fail
  • How to experience full forgiveness
  • Confrontation that leads to revival not rebellion