When you first got married what were you expecting from your relationship?

It’s likely one of the things on your list was companionship. Although many marry for this reason, the distractions of career, kids, and to-do lists often take the place of spending the time necessary to develop this key ingredient of a healthy marriage.

Companionship – An intimate friendship that occurs as two people are knit together in love.

Every time you and your spouse pursue companionship (dating each other, forgiving one another, praying together, praising each other) the “knit” of your companionship is strengthened.

However, each time you neglect each other, hold grudges, and pursue other relationships ahead of your marriage, the “knit” of companionship is weakened and is more vulnerable to being severed.


  • Think back to before you got married. What did you do as a couple to strengthen the “knit” of companionship between the two of you?
  • How has the strength of your companionship measured up to the expectations you had coming into marriage?
  • What are the biggest obstacles right now to the strength of your companionship?
  • What are some practical steps you can take to overcome those obstacles?
  • Each of you think of 1 step you agree to take this week to strengthen the ‘knit” of companionship in your relationship.


Go somewhere a little more private (see below for suggestions) and tell each other 3 things you love about one another. Give specific examples of each.

  • Take a walk on the Waterway
  • Ride a Woodlands Water Taxi or Trolley
  • Get ice cream or a cupcake at Market Street
  • Walk over to Town Green Park and sit on a bench


  • Pick up your kids and explain that bed time is going to be quick tonight because Mommy and Daddy have a long day tomorrow and need to get some “Sleep”.
  • While mom puts the kids to bed, men, create the perfect environment (candles, music, etc..) for “companionship” to take place.
  • Sleep good…


Pursuing companionship in marriage is hard. In the midst of our incredibly busy lives it takes intentionality and time. As hard as it is though, it is possible. The “Never Alone” daily couple’s devotional book is a great tool to help start, or continue, the process. It’s practical, concise, and packed with great ideas to help you pursue companionship in your marriage.