Your ego wanted me to say your body. And, this might be true for you. But most women want something more…

I know this is how it feels sometimes to share your emotions with your wife. But there is hope…

One of the ways you can resist the drift towards isolation in your marriage is to have a Marriage Staff Meeting. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the agenda in your marriage staff meeting should include talking about your relationship Spiritually, Emotionally, and Physically. Healthy marriages are strong in all 3 areas.

Although connecting spiritually is the most important, connecting emotionally is a close 2nd and is sometimes the area couples struggle with the most…especially men.

Generally speaking women tend to be more feeling oriented and driven by emotions, and men tend to think about life according to the facts and are more driven by intellect. When these 2 somewhat opposite perspectives try and communicate or connect there is potential for frustration.

Neither one of these tendencies are necessarily sinful or wrong, but whatever your inclination, God wants you to grow in the area you’re weak. For a lot of men, this means being intentional about growing in your emotional intelligence and capacity.

God is an emotional God and he has created us as emotional beings. Consider that God gets angry, he weeps, he mourns, he grieves, he is compassionate, he is loving, etc… You are created in His image and therefore you were created with emotions. And, there is probably more value to your emotions than you think. Your emotions are valuable to you, and your marriage.

Emotions should be valuable to us because they reveal what is going on in our hearts. I’ve heard emotions referred to as, “windows to the soul”. It is important to understand our heart better because it is the wellspring of life (Prov 4:23). Everything we do flows out of what is happening in our heart. If you are serious about changing and growing to be more like Christ, then we need to be able to discern and understand what is going on in our hearts. Understanding AND sharing our emotions with our spouse help us do that.

We simply can’t completely understand our hearts by ourselves. God’s design is that we understand it with others’ help. And, your most significant other is your spouse. They know you better than anyone on the planet and have valuable insight that you need to help you understand your heart so you can grow to be more like Christ. But, they will be handicapped in helping you if you don’t open the “window to your soul” by sharing your emotions with them.

An emotionally healthy marriage is one where a husband and wife are regularly sharing and discovering each other’s’ hurts, fears, dreams, and needs.

So men, since you’re in charge of initiating and setting the agenda for your staff meeting, below are some exercises to help you and your wife start the process of connecting emotionally.

  1. Praise each other
  2. Ask each other and discuss your answer to a thought provoking question
  3. Discover what each other’s most important needs are
  4. Confess ways you have hurt or sinned against your spouse

I hope your staff meeting serves as a catalyst to move your everyday conversation with your spouse from sharing what you know and what you think, to more of what you feel and who you are.

This culture will create the best environment for an emotionally healthy marriage, but also be one that is primed for God to grow the 2 of you into everything he wants you to be. That’s the goal.

And men, one more thing…

Emotionally healthy marriages have the best sex. Seriously. Physical affection follows emotional connection. If you want her to want your body, give her your soul.